Martha Stewart's modern kitchen gadgets on sale at Macy's + Shake Shackburger adventure

I don't know how to cook but I know where to score good stuff! We went to Macy's Old Orchard Mall in Skokie on a Saturday afternoon looking for sale items and we landed on the basement floor which has kitchen gadgets, appliances, housewares and dinner wares. Here are some of the items we bought and I know you have one of those in your kitchen.

Set of 3 Mini Utensils
Includes mini spoon, spatula and brush. These are easy to clean and food safe.
Original Price: $14.99
Bought: $5.93

Melamine Measuring Cups
Makes measuring easy with 4 piece set measuring cups: 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup.
Original Price: $15.99
Bought: $6.33

Fruit Huller
This tool helps to remove the center of a tomato or strawberry. Just press the top button, insert the stainless steel claw into the fruit and release the button and twist to remove the core.
Original Price: $14.99
Bought: $9.99

Set of 3 Silicon Utensils
Sold only at Macy's. This includes 3 piece set of spoon, spatula and narrow solid turner. These are easy to clean and heat safe.
Original Price: $31.99
Bought: $12.63

Cookie Scoop
What's a secret of uniform size cookies -- use a cookie scoop! The scoop is perfectly shaped to form balls of dough. Dishwasher safe and made from stainless steel. Available only at Macy's.
Original Price: 22.99
Bought: $9.03

Pastry Blender
This tool is use to easily cut shortening or butter into the flour without over mixing. Has a large round blades for easy mixing and made from stainless steel.
Original Price: $18.99
Bought: $ 7.43

There are still a lot of home goods clearance at Macy's, you can check online discounts (free shipping at $49 purchase) on their website or in-store.

We got tired and hungry from walking and window shopping so we decided to eat at Shake Shack! I've been always looking forward to try their burger when I heard that they opened a branch in Old Orchard Mall (third location in Chicago) but unfortunately there's always a long line and this time we got our chance.

Shake Shack became popular in New York and now opened several branches in different States including Chicago! Their best sellers are: burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, wine and fries!

I am not a burger fan but Shake Shack's burger meat is juicy and cooked medium well. The potato bun/roll is so soft and tasty!

I love french fries and I rate 5/5 because Shake Shack's fries are crispy and golden!

Frozen custard shakes are a must try! they have different flavors make sure you try their peanut or chocolate.

I'm glad I did not wait for hours to order! I will definitely go back and try their other burger on their menu.


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