My Sanrio Tasty Loot Crate ishere! #smallgiftcrate #hellosanrio #hellokitty

It's unboxing time once again and am so excited to share what's inside of this box! Clue: TASTY

I renewed my quarterly subscription to Sanrio Small Gift Crate from Loot Crate because I love receiving surprise exclusive Sanrio items that cannot be bought somewhere.

  • Hello Kitty Hot Dog Plush

  • Chococat Squishy

  • Silicone Coaster Set

  • Sanrio Lunch Bag

  • Gudetama Bento Box

  • Dokidoki Yummychums Apron

  • Gudetama Charm

  • Sanrio Magnet Trinket

Hello Kitty hotdog plushie
I laughed when I saw this, my beloved Hello Kitty wrapped in a bun with mustard!

Chococat French Fries keychain
It's like a soft stress reliever keychain for your bag. You can squeeze it anywhere you go.

Coaster Set - Hello Kitty, Chococat, Gudetama and Cinamoroll
The designs were really cute. Its rubberized so it won't move and will hold your mug/ glass.

Tasty Lunch Bag
A rectangular laminated lunch bag with handle. The design is really "delicious!"
The bag is insulated for your hot or cold food to enjoy on your lunch.

Gudetama Bento Box
What is surprising on this is-- the top can be use as bowl! So you can bring two meals and use the bowl. So convenient and easy to use. Btw, it is microwave safe.

Dokidoki YummyChums Apron
I don't see much of Dokidoki YummyChums stuff around but it's a good thing that there's something I need to keep! It makes me hungry whenever I see him because he is a burger! LOL

The apron is adjustable and my Mom loves it so am giving it to her!

Gudetama Charm
Another charm to collect. I am not sure how many charms I have received so far but hey this is something worth to keep!

Cinnamoroll Magnet
I noticed Cinnamoroll before opening the content inside the box. I thought it was a sticker! LOL I love ref magnets definitely will put this on our refrigerator for my additional collection!

I heard they have released a spoiler teaser for Winter. OMG, I can't wait!

Watch my unboxing video:


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