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I love attending on site seminars and virtual conferences. Some seminars I attended were mostly about Digital Marketing or Business Development and those were hosted off-site and online! I wanted to feed my brain with interesting subject matters and interact with resource speaker through questions and answers. I even helped providing a slide presentation for a SEO basics seminar in the Philippines because I am so comfortable sharing my work experience to those who would like to learn about website optimization.

One of the goal at the end of each seminar is to provide you a good experience. I had one bad scenario when attending a virtual seminar where I heard loud noises at the background and the seminar was hosted on a computer shop! I hardly understand the discussion and ended up hanging up leaving the conference to my disappointment. So, make sure you have rented a good and quiet venue for the attendees to enjoy the entire program. You don't want them to leave a bad feedback on your event and waste their time.

Project T Solutions' Meeting Room

Project T Solutions gives you the most productive meeting space and conference rooms at a very affordable rate. Plus, they can assist you in hosting your meetings and provide you a good presentation materials like high speed Internet connection, amenities like coffee and light snacks and also help you to promote your event in their Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Finding the right space for your meeting will depend on the number of people, Project T Solutions has different rooms to offer like: boardroom feel conference rooms, classroom type set up, hands on computer seminar or informal meeting space for networking. Whether you need a flexible or conference room set up, Project T Solutions can help you find a good working meeting space.

If you are looking for a regular meeting space, I highly suggest that you rent a conference room because the renting has some additional features like you can host the meeting in more than one day, getting the most space you need, they can assist you in setting up your meeting and you can work in the place regularly without any additional charges!

Project T Solutions  also hosted informal gatherings like watching the NBA Finals, Pizza Friday Party and SONA coverage. I like attending informal meet ups because we need to relax and interact with different people.  So if you are near BGC, make sure you don't miss their upcoming events by liking their Facebook Page - Project T Solutions


Pizza Networking Event!

Enjoy the Walkthrough Video!

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