"Face it, I'm hotter than you"

"Face it, I'm hotter than you" - Jacob Black to Edward Cullen from Eclipse

This line from Eclipse burst the audience into laughter. I admit, I am not really good in reading novels. But I've been watching Twilight since it started. The first-two installments were not really my taste but Eclipse caught my attention. Maybe because the conclusion is near. You will know how the story goes as soon as you finished reading the book. As Bella's relationship to Edward went into struggle, and for Jacob's confession of love didn't make it through the end. Still, Bella has a choice to make.

I understand that the highlight of this movie was their struggle against the newborns, as Victoria is seen observing the battle. Jacob was hurt during the battle and struggling to accept that Bella chose Edward. He will wait for Bella.

As Bella and Edward starts planning for their wedding. One thing that Edward fears is -- How they will tell Charlie. (That's funny).

I am not really a big fan of this film but I've discovered new developments on the story. Longing for the conclusion. Even though, I already knew what will happen...


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