This is not a KARATE, it's KUNG FU

The Karate Kid (2010)

I've  been a great fan of The Karate Kid when I was young. Since then when I learned that the movie has a remake, I extremely believe it'll be more different on the first ones. This is not a continuation but rather an another story of a youngster, Dre, when his life were completely changed when he and his mother migrated to China. There was set the cultural differences, and adjustments. Soon, found a friend, Mr Han who secretely taught him Kung Fu played by Jackie Chan. The trainings went through was so different compared to other versions. Mr Han first trained Dre to focus and discipline. That "Jacket on, Jacket off" was a big blast. Dre didn't even knew that he was already in his training.

A tournament fight was agreed when Mr Han told Chen's trainor that if Dre won, then, the kids won't bully him anymore.

A winning stunt of 'cobra' made the fight finished with victory. I was really amazed with that style since Dre saw that lady, He became curious of who-imitates-who?

For me, it was really an amazing story. Regardless of some other said that Jaden Smith won't able to make it. To me, it was one of the realistic movie I've ever seen. Plus, Jackie Chan's humor was still there even though his a little serious.


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