Running enthusiast and latest Sun Life Financial advocate Piolo Pascual rediscovers the charms of old Manila and a piece of Sun Life Financial Philippines (SLFP) history in a heart-thumping and edgy new TVC.

Inspiring Filipinos to take charge of their finances in order to protect their dreams, Pascual gives a personal take to Sun Life’s It’s Time! advocacy, the first advocacy of its kind in the Philippines to promote financial literacy and preparedness among Filipinos .

No guarantees

Shot near an old Binondo building that used to house Sun Life’s operations, the TVC shows how a harmless night can turn into a life-changing moment. It features Piolo in tip top shape, depicting a metaphor of life where anything can happen to us even at the top of our game, and the best you can do is to be prepared.

“The message of the TVC is beautiful and profound.  We all have to realize that life offers no guarantees so we must always be prepared and protect our dreams from uncertainty,” explained Pascual.

Back to its roots

The TVC was a throwback to classic Manila, with the famous Jones Bridge at the background under an overcast evening sky,.   For Sun Lifers, the TVC honors an important chapter of the company’s history in the Philippines. Home to SLFP’s local operations from 1951 to 1981, the Singson Building at the foot of Jones Bridge bore witness to post-War rehabilitation and the onset of Martial Law. A story that spanned three decades, it is an important section of Sun Life’s 115 years of service to Filipinos.

“Binondo is where everything started and today Sun Life continues to honor its commitment to Filipinos after more than a century of service. Our latest TVC not only delivers a relevant message for all of us, it also pays honor to our company’s glorious past and our on-going commitment to Filipinos,” said Riza Mantaring, President & CEO, SLF-Philippines.

Sun Life family

Now part of the Sun Life family and the It’s Time! advocacy, Pascual admits that the cause of financial literacy is very similar to his values in life. Though an accomplished actor and a sought-after endorser, he continues to be a practical man and a firm believer in saving for a rainy day.

Started in July 2009, Sun Life’s It’s Time! advocacy celebrates its first anniversary with Pascual joining other advocates Pia Magalona, Bam Aquino, James Yap and his son, Baby James.

With the TVC as a catalyst, Pascual encourages Filipinos to not leave anything to chance. “It is never too early to aspire for great things and never too early to protect your dreams.  We all need to take charge of our financial future, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones,” Pascual concluded.

Indeed, It’s Time!!   


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