My PRECIOUS Time with Mr Ultimate Piolo

July 10, 2010
Sun Life: It's Time Advocacy
Sofitel Philippine Plaza

(sorry if there are inconsistencies, i'll review it tomorrow rather later. am so sleepy....enjoy reading!)

The moment I received the email that there'll be a presscon for Sun Life introducing Piolo and his new advocacy. I immediately contacted the person in charge - many thanks Sun Life and Ms Tara :) for allowing us to attend the presscon.

We arrived a little bit earlier. They said the presscon will start at 4:30pm. As we started eating and chatting, then Piolo arrived.

There was a small introduction on what was the advocacy is all about. Later on, the TVC was shown (btw, while waiting, the BTS of the TVC was presented too). Formally, Sun Life announced the :It's Time dvocacy. It's basically more of promoting financial literacy and how Filipinos will prepare for their future.  

An opportunity of 10-minute face-to-face question and answer was held.

As a blogger, I don't want to pressure him anymore. He laughed when we said "this is just only one question" ...he was relieved

(how cute!)


And here's the video.

Well, I have another request, I said. I told Piolo about my mom who used to be 'a great fan.' (and so with my relatives haha) I also said, I bought your cds and sent it to her in Chicago (Illinois, actually..whatever). She also watched your concert last time. But she never had a photo taken with you. Can you just leave a message for her? (Sorry Aunties, but I did mention that all of you in the US are die-hard fans) Ang bilis ng 10minutes baka maging 'alok bati ni manay lolit haha joke!'

Finally, he signed all photos. Took a picture with him. I said, Thank you for his TIME. Shook hands. He laughed when one of the blogger also said "Pwede na kong mamatay" hahhahaha. He was so cute actually when he heard it.

But it doesn't end there.

While we were waiting for a cab. We saw him exiting the main door of Sofitel and I said -- "Goodbye Piolo" when he passed by ...

"He smiled"... As soon as he got inside on his vehicle, we waved his hand towards us. Then ---KINILIG NA KO. DEAD.

Piolo's Autographed and his message for my mom.


Piolo is my ultimate crush in local showbiz (Philippines). I believed on his talent. Now, I've seen and talked with him. I really appreciate his kindness. Not because, he's a public figure. But you can see his sincerity. Most specially when he did this special request. Hope to meet him again. Blushing.

I am thinking who's the next person to meet? JLC? Seen him but never had a chance to talk to him. Just like I did with Sam and Piolo. Sigh.....

Photo credits to Iris Rebao-Pulga
Videos courtesy of Manila Bloggers Network and Glamour Moments 

Errrr, what am doing? Good thing that my Jerry Yan is Missing in Action...Where is he btw? hahaha.


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