Goodies Galore!

a soup coin bank

lovely battery operated candle, tap it or blow it and it'll turn off automatically!

yummy cookies :)

hello kitty laptop skin and mug - perfect :)

goodies from Animax Asia :) xie xie ni!!!!

I bought this for my personal consumption :) Tikoy for Chinese New Year and I gave away Chinese Fortune Cookies to my Staffs; all of us went crazy reading our fortune written on a small sheet of paper inside the cookies

I've been an avid fan of drinking tea [hot or cold] until Vanness Wu posted his own version 

Lucky Shirt courtesy of Windows7 phone launch

I've been thinking on the best topic to blog about these stuffs I've received this year.

Thank you to all who sent the gifts and of course to all who've been so generous all throughout the year!


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