Unique Social Media Experience with Microsofts Windows Phone 7

When: February 4, 2011
Where: Ramen Bar, Eastwood City Mall

Would you like to stay connected online and communicate with your family and friends through smartphones? Today, experience a unique digital interface that will possibly give users an infinite opportunities to go online -- that's what Microsoft did today and launched the Windows Phone 7 into a whole new experience of social media.

The next question, is it available in the Philippines? Yes! HTC Mozart is the first Windows Phone 7 powered smartphone that is available today in the local market! I personally tested it and browsed its features to experience how it was. The tiles can be customized, and its very easy to navigate. We also checked on its features like having more personal through checking our favorite social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and even did blogging.

The People Hub, as what they called is easy to use. You can instantly add comments, like photos, and upload photos simultaneously without any hassle and stay connected with these sites. A one hub that can combine your contacts and facebook friends!

Now you can balance your networks and stay in touch with your family, friends, colleagues even online friends!

For complete information about Windows Phone 7 features and capabilities and the HTC 7 Mozart, visit http://www.windowsphone.com / http://www.htc.com/www/product/7mozart/overview.html.

About Microsoft
Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

About Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 is a different kind of phone designed to bring together what you care about most.  It’s a phone that finds information and presents it at the right time, making it glanceable. A phone that organizes what you love so finding those things is easier and faster.  Windows Phone 7 simplifies basic every-day tasks – like managing email or taking and sharing pictures – so you can do more in fewer steps.  With Windows Phone 7, the things that matter most like people, such as games, music and video, photos and office productivity are organized through integrated experiences known as Hubs and fueled by the rich experiences of Xbox LIVE, Zune, Bing, and Office.

And here's Smart Gold Plan for HTC Mozart

Smart Gold
Regular Handset Package
Gold Plans (MSF)
HTC 7 Mozart
(Cash out)

Smart Gold
Unlimited Data Plan Handset Package
Gold Plans (MSF)
HTC 7 Mozart
Free SMS
120 200 240 300
Free Call in mins
60 150 300 400
Smart to Smart rate
6.11 5.09 4.58 4.07
Smart to others rate
6.62 6.11 5.6 4.58
SMS Rate
International SMS Rate
Standard rate shall apply
MMS Rate
Standard rate shall apply
IDD Rate

For more information on Smart Gold’s data plan, visit:

Here are the photos from the launch


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