Up Up Away!


It was in 2009 when the movie Up brought me to tears specially when an old couple refused to leave their house and evicted As a promise, he made helium balloons to lift his house and travel to the paradise.

And now, for the 2nd time, I saw huge balloons at Clark, Pampanga! It was cloudy Saturday afternoon when our team arrived in the field. People of different ages, young or old, group or family troop together and enjoy the weekend kite flying, watching the exhibitions on the field and most of all, the biggest attraction were the HOT AIR BALLOONS!

The most gorgeous of that day was Darth Vader. Though, my camera won't cooperate with the settings - I still enjoyed seeing him floating in the field - with guts!

Other balloons were cute, We saw some coming from the east. And it was spectacular!

Exhibits, booths, selling kites and mini hot air balloons were sold out.

The most difficult part after that night was traveling going back to our hotel. We booked at Hotel Marquis at nearby Clark and we had so much fun walking around the streets of Clark [winks]

Congratulations to 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta on its Centennial Year of Airplanes in the Philippine Skies

The proceeds of the tickets you bought went to PIHABF Foundation.

a resting spongebob kite :)

settings! settings! can't figure it out until i surrendered and cried.

thanks to Don :) You can also visit his blog for more hot air balloon photos!


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