A Perfect Venue for All Occasion: Thunderbird Resorts Event Center

Formally launches its Event Center: February 18, 2011
All guests and participants were welcomed by Buganda drumbeaters and fire dancers.

Performances by Nikki Gil, Jed Madela and all other group performances showcasing their own craft in entertainment.

Thunderbird Resorts Unveils a Unique Masterpiece, setting the stage for all kinds of moments to remember

Typically a world class luxury resort that caters different leisure activities like sports, recreational and entertainment; Thunderbird Resorts features its new Event Center a perfect venue for all kinds of occasion like parties, seminars, concerts, pageants and assemblies. This unique venue can accommodate at least 500 people with complete high end facilities and service from the luxury resort.

You can check out its official website for more information or reservation of the venue. A one of a kind, high class standard venue for everybody.

Official website of Thunderbird Resorts - http://www.thunderbird-asia.com/
Also, visit their Facebook Page at  http://www.facebook.com/thunderbirdresorts

Blog Entry, http://enjoythunderbirdresorts.blogspot.com/2011/02/thunderbird-resorts-unveils-unique.html
Photo credits to Thunderbird Resorts

Performances Videos to follow :)


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