Experience the green architecture at Zinnia Towers

When it comes to buying a real estate, it doesn't only talk about the estate you are going to purchase, in fact, the factors are very broad, first is the location, would it be convenient for you and your family. Was it too far from your office, school, church, grocery store, malls etc? Is it located and built in a safe and healthy environment. Meaning, news that a certain house in a certain subdivision collapsed because of poor quality materials or got covered with mud due to the constant raining.

Inquire if the location is prone to flood and certain natural disasters or if its located near the pacific ring of fire. Also,
is the neighborhood safe, was there people who rotates to check the vicinity's safety? Furthermore, can electricity reach your  place, was there cell sites and internet sites if not wireless fixation?


Consider DMCI Homes' new signature green architecture development - Zinnia Towers, the first to build in Quezon City maintaining its clean, green and pleasant environment. The community is composed of 2 high-rise buildings surrounded by verdant greeneries, in lined with its contemporary tropical- themed structural design.
You should also consider your status and income, are you single or a family man, regular employee or contractual? Can you pay the amortization regularly? Then the number of family members, would a residential condominium unit can be able to accommodate you and your kids, or should it be a house and lot or a townhouse? Usually, a single person acquires a fully furnished condos, it can also be purchased by a small family say 4 members depending on the floor area as well as the number of rooms.

While everything may be nearer, the hassle brought by the daily metro activities can take its toll on the urban dwellers. With residential condominiums budding right next to the busy city streets, wearied urbanites are finding it harder and harder to have their peaceful nook in the city. Good thing DMCI Homes has resolved this by offering Zinnia Towers.
Talking about floor area, you should also check it. There are times that the floor area of a condominium and a townhouse has nothing much difference. Although the amount of purchased differs. Check the option where can you spend less. A Condo for Sale in Quezon City costs same as a townhouse. The difference is that, in a condo, you don't own the land only the unit you payed, unlike a townhouse where the land as well as the house is on your name. Also condo  are located at the center of business districts while townhouses are an hour away or even minutes depending on the location you acquired. Consider if you would spend less for fair and diesel or its the other way and whats more convenient?

DMCI Homes definitely had the young families in mind during the conceptualization of Zinnia Towers. Open spaces have been strategically planned for everyone to enjoy: swimming pool complex, several play areas, garden trails and parks, podium amenities and roof deck gardens as well as wonderfully designed Clubhouse.

Condo living is made worry-free at Zinnia Towers with a tested Property Management Office (PMO) to take charge of the everyday operations ensuring the security and maintenance of the property and its facilities.

Car port, receiving area, kitchen, bed and bathroom, should also be reviewed. There should be a fire alarm, smoke or fire
detector as well as water sprinkler on the kitchen. Bathroom floor shouldn't be too slippery, the flush as well as the sink must be functional. There should also be a proper drainage system.

Subsequently, wires, fuse and sockets should be functioning well. Watch the voltage meter. Also there should be telephone and water lines. Talking about water, there should be a regular water supply and the flow should not be considered as drips and if possible check the water pipes.

The Zinnia Towers project is designed to attract end-users and upgraders from Quezon City and the surrounding cities like Manila, Navotas, Malabon and Caloocan who are planning to upgrade their lifestyle to the current state of modern condo living.

The major thing here is to consider you and your family. What do you want to give them, or what do you want to experience as well as your capabilities to pay regularly.


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