Making your Blog visible online

Congratulations to The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit. The two day event ended successfully. I was able to attend the day 2, and I just wanted to share some blogging tips (based from my experience, I've been blogging since 2009).


Our basic consideration is how to make our blog visible to search engines. Am sorry for some technical terms but you can leave your message below (at the comment box) and I'll explain it to you :)

At first, you must learn these simple steps on how your blog will stand out despite of the competition in the online market.

Finding a unique subject matter. Write fresh ideas for your article. Introducing new items to the readers catch their attention through your blog title. Creating your own distinction will help you to push your new contents to be easily noticed by your readers.

Research for Keywords. Filtering out those old unrelated terms or list down related words that easily match your article. Start comparing different keywords and double check by using keyword tools to discover which among of these are getting huge clicks and traffic. A better way of selecting keywords is to use a primary keyword with three variations. Moreover, consider the use of longtail keywords or include the geo-target selection for specific landmarks you would like mention in your article. Once these keywords determine to be trending, you'll see other websites that they're using the same strategy in search results.

Optimization. A broad term for boosting your blog's visibility for Search Engines. You can also use other information about your page like title tags, anchor texts, alt images, h1, h2. For wordpress type blogs, you can easily download applications like "All in SEO Pack" to control the meta elements of each blog posts.

Syndication. As Social Media becomes a hit in all fields of business, using Syndication to share your blog posts through Twitter and Facebook. It helps you to allow external users to comment, like, appreciate and sometimes, repost your blog url. Consider installing social sharing buttons like Addthis or Shareaholic.

Relevant Links. Having inbound links are considered to be helpful in boosting your ranking. You can also link to high quality or relevant websites and request them to link back to your page.

For a long lasting progress on your blog, make sure you track your posts regularly and evaluate your existing pages if these are beneficial or if this is the best time to welcome a new technique in creating your blog contents.In addition, You can use Google Analytics to measure traffic and keywords performance for your blog. Measuring your blog's success is not just one click away, but it takes time to get recognized.



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