Is your child ready for dance lessons?

Its back-to-school once again, in the Philippines, its very popular to have extra-curricular activity for children. If you think your children is ready to start with dance lesson, then, I have prepared some guide questions for you to analyze with your children.

Extra Curricular
If you think your children is ready for any activities aside from attending regular classes, consider his/her best interests before you enroll them.

Dance Lessons: And its type
When I was a kid, I saw cute girls in the mall wearing their ballet shoes. I never had a chance to enroll in any dance lessons (except for taking the dance lessons during PE classes). It is also important to check on the type of dance lessons and opportunities available. For a starter, basic lessons like modern, ballet and folk dancing are offered.

Look for a venue near school or home. It is important to expand your choices, look for any recreation center or a professional dance studio like in BIG Shift DANKA [Dance & Kinetic Arts] Studios located at 3rd Level, A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue, 1210 Makati, Philippines. The schedule is updated on their Facebook page,

Some may end up choosing another activity from time to time, yet, you sill have to remember that some children are not yet ready to take serious lessons. It maybe a rewarding experience for them to learn and meet other children. Enroll at any dance classes today.

photo credits to BIG Shift DANKA 


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