Social Media is Awesome - #HappySocialMediaDay

Today we celebrate Social Media Day (Worldwide!), honoring our favorite social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and a lot more. These are free services that when you sign up, boom - you can do everything on it - posting status, sharing wall posts, uploading photos, liking something interesting and following tons of people you love.

Do you still think that Social Media is Awesome? My answer is -- YES.


Aside from word-of-mouth, we can influence our friends and followers whether we went to a cool place, recommend a feast, inviting everyone to attend an event, and watching your favorite shows. Pretty inexpensive, right? Kamusta naman ang newspapers and magazines (sorry pero di na ko nagbabasa ng mga ito?) hehehe.--Real people talk!

So, let's enjoy this special day. but, of course know your limitations. Create something that can also blend with offline experience. Encourage each followers on how to spread good messages, worry less, have fun --- DON'T JUST ASK FOR FOLLOWERS, LIKES AND VIEWS --- PARTICIPATE!!!


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