Google Self-Driving Car Guided by Toyota Car Stereo GPS System Makes Another Great Leap

Apparently, Google self-driving vehicle had made another great leap after it gained an approval from the state of Nevada to allow the said autonomous vehicle to be tested and operated within the state’s roadways.

Last Monday, the California State Senate approved a bill allowing Goolge Self-driving car to roam on its roadways as well. States following the footsteps of Nevada and California are Hawaii, Florida, Arizona and Oklahoma since said states are currently considering legislation of a bill that will allow the autonomous vehicle to be tested and operated in their roadways.

After several senators from the California State Senate drove Google’s prototype Toyota Prius vehicle, they finally decided to pass the bill believing that the autonomous vehicle is the right direction for the state.

Google’s self-driving car use a laser radar on the roof of the vehicle to detect any obstacles including pedestrians and other vehicles.

Another major feature that powers this autonomous vehicle is its Toyota car stereo GPS system and a bit of artificial intelligence. Such feature enables the Google self-driving car to drive itself with very little or no interference from the passengers riding inside the vehicle.

This autonomous vehicle gives the driver an option to manually drive the vehicle. Once the driver touches either the wheel or the break, the driver finally has the control over the vehicle.

All throughout the test, Google’s self-driving car, no glitches, unwanted close encounters with walls or other obstacles has been incurred or encountered. Proving that laser radar and Toyota car stereo GPS system is a perfect combination.

According to one of the lawmakers who had the chance to drove autonomous vehicle, human errors is the most common cause of accidents on the road. Therefore, he was very much pleased with Google’s innovation since its concept not only focuses in providing a fuel efficient vehicle but as well as in reducing the number roadway injuries and fatalities.


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