Sleep Deprivation May Increase the Risk ADHD

Inadequate sleep among teenagers may not only contribute to lower grades and absence of motivation but it may also increase the risk of serious stages of emotional and behavioral disturbances which includes ADHD according to a research.

ADHD or the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a developmental disorder. It is majorly characterized by “the co-existence of attention problems and hyperactivity with each behavior often occurring alone. Usually its symptoms starts on or before a child reaches the age of seven.

Going back with the said study which was authored by Fred Danner, PhD, of the University of Kentucky, monitored 882 school freshmen’s sleeping habits and school grades at the same time. The researchers also accomplished psychological and behavioural assessments.

According to the researchers’ findings, 48 percent of the students sleep on an average of 7.6 hours or less than eight hours. Hours of sleep during school days were extremely positively comes with General Point of Average (GPA) and level of motivation and extremely negatively comes with clinically significant levels of emotional stress and ADHD. Each lessened hours of sleep during school days increased the possibility of scoring in the clinically significant range of emotional stress and ADHD.

Dr. Danner said that since the findings are based on associations instead of direct experimental manipulation, they cannot convincingly prove that inadequate sleep causes a loss of motivation, poor grades, emotional stress and ADHD during teenage days. However, the result shown are consistent with an increasing body of research that many teenagers do not get enough sleep and then mild chronic sleep deprivation has serious effects on their psychological functioning, added Dr. Danner. Furthermore, Dr. Danner stated that sleep deprivation should not be considered a traditional habit among teenagers since it has serious consequences to both physical and psychological health.

It is highly recommended for teenage to have nine hours of sleep particularly during school days to avoid having emotional and behavioural stress aside from the lower grades. In some instances wherein teenagers find it hard to sleep on time, there are a lot of natural sleep remedies advisable for their young immune system. It will definitely aid in having a good night sleep enough for a better mood the next day.


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