Finally, I found a true gem at Diamond Hotel

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This is one of the best year! I've got to chance to stay at Diamond Hotel overnight with full accommodation [in an EXECUTIVE SUITE!]. How sweet? hahaha. This is my first time to relax after long hours of work due to Christmas Rush [I hate deadlines actually!]. As there were several issues [web development, keyword rankings, traffic relevancy] at my sites; I managed to go out and relax. I feel so blessed. thank you, dear LORD.

As I hold the key and opened the door, I said 'wow' a hundred times! I'm not that rich to spend a weekend in an executive suite!

Diamond Hotel is located along the scenic Manila Bay, I fell in love with the view!

Sit back and relax as I tour you around with the room facilities.

A dream come true; And how I wish my house is like this! haha. At least, I felt being a millionaire for a night.

Thanks to my sponsor. Have a blessed Christmas to all!

Visit the official website of Diamond Hotel - Check out the Executive Suite Accommodation


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