Star City: A great place for all ages

Aside from going to the malls and hoard gift items, this Christmas, also is the best time to reunite with your family and friends. In Manila, you can also visit star City, one of the oldest theme city park in Metro Manila. I have never been to Star City for almost 5 years and I was surprised with the developments. It has indoor and outdoor park, wherein rides (for kids) and (adults) were located. As we ran out of time because the park will be closed at 12mn (we arrived around 9-10pm), I told my friends to select their best rides and fall in line.

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There are hundreds of guests inside the park, that is thhe reason why it was being crowded as group of people of all ages were enjoying their best Christmas holidays together. I took a video of the two rides namely Star Flyer and Surf Dance. Wow, these two are really crazy rides. I can hear them screaming (a louuuudddd!!!); and shouting. Surf Dance is like a gondola that will bring your life upwards, downwards and sideways in its fastest sways. HILO KA IN SHORT HAHAHA.

And the Star Flyer, well, we received some not that good news before but here, its all ENTERTAINMENT. The Philippines first and only inverted roller coaster, hay, you can see the loops and it will turn you upside down for about 70 seconds!


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