Laging Handa with Eveready

Since batteries were introduced to household, it is one of the common name in the industry. And Eveready is always present during these times.

image courtesy of carl intl website
A story that I would like to share with you was during the World Youth Day camp in Luneta. Our school particpated the overnight vigil until the late Pope John Paul II arrived and blessed us when the caravan passed by. It was too dark at that time and we've got nothing but flashlights. Although the area was secured, we still used it as a source of light whenever we went somewhere or look for other groups who were also camping.

And today, I am an avid user of Eveready products from different sizes of batteries for our emergency lamps, radios and even on digital cameras.

Its strong presence to the market symbolizes that Filipinos trusted Eveready as part of their day to day lives. We are comfortable using Eveready specially when there are power interruption, it gives us hope to lead the path - 'the light' that we need to see and 'the information' we want to hear during typhoons through radio.

For its 110 years, as the generation grows, and new products were introduced for innovation -
Eveready is here to stay with the Filipinos.

You too, can also share your Eveready Moments by simply reading this instruction from Nuffnang.


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