Meet Up with Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Winners at Dusit Thani

I really don't know where to start my story. I had the greatest weekend of December 2010! Aside from meeting all my friends every week, I also got the chance to meet the TARA Season 4 winners (minus one Rich) at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati. We had a buffet lunch at Basix and battling for foods began.

Here is a video portion of the interview I took. Well, it was aired on the weekend news also
(see the clip below)

And more photos from Dusit Thani

Rich said it was a great experience to win the race, also, revealed his other plans for 2011. Yes, he did proposed to his gf in Singapore when they received the prize.

You can catch more news from their official Amazing Race Asia - Philippines Team Facebook page and also by visiting this blog :)

Tessa Prieto Valdes's Christmas tree showcases diverse world-class Filipino fashion design through Barbie dolls. Each doll has been embellished with the finest fabrics and jewels representing each of the designer's exquisite fashion design sense including students of Slim's Fashion and Arts School. Tessa's beneficiary is the school of Fr. Gerard in Sorsogon that has over 300 young kids which needs better lights and ventilation.

A big thank you to Ms Joyce Ramirez for all kindness that she gave to us bloggers to meet TARA Season 4 and Happy birthday :)



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