Achieve All-time Radiant Skin with Seresis

After Ginsana SA, a Boehringer Ingelheim Group company together with its partner Pacific Healthcare Philippines, Inc, beings the former’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines launched Seresis, a new way to naturally protect skin from the inside was born. Seresis is today’s dietary supplement that is a combination of antioxidants that ensures optimal protection against free radicals and preserves the skin’s health.


Takes care of the skin from the inside

The skin is the body’s largest of the body. It is also the most exposed to environmental damages, causing it to require special care. Recently, scientist have finally concluded that skin ageing is primarily brought by factors such as sun exposure, pollution, smoke and poor diet which trigger attacks from aggressive, highly reactive molecules called free radicals to body cells. Meanwhile, although the human body has its own mechanism in protecting cells, a proper skin care routine is still the best way in maintaining a healthy and radiant look skin. The fact here is that although creams can help from the outside environment, they can’t do the entire job. An additional protection from anti-oxidants, which blocks that unwanted effect from free radicals, can be significant. This is the main reason why the Swiss team eventually lead to developing seresis that contains anti-oxidants combining natural plant extracts, vitamins and selenium. It works below the surface of the skin, consequently from the inside.

Nature’s worth to prevent early skin ageing

Seresis is a combination of antioxidants that provides all the best ingredients from the environment to nurture the skin. The Seresis mix of tomato and grape seed of extracts, beta carotene, vitamins C and E and selenium has been recognized to produce ideal anti-oxidative result. Vitamin C and E in fact, complement each other in their effects. Vitamin E stimulates the absorption of selenium, a tough anti-oxidant while lycopene and proanthocyanidins act together to neutralize free radicals.

Anti-oxidant protection from radiant skin

Seresis offers a non-stop 2-hour anti-oxidant protection, supplying cells with significant substances that protect against oxidative stress. Furthermore, it lessens the production of damaging enzymes that result collagen degradation and helps the skin maintains its youthfulness longer. Seresis likewise enhances the skin’s capacity to produce collagen and elastin which act as the skin’s building blocks, therefore protecting the skin. Lastly, it backs the skin’s long-term ability to regenerate, helping the skin to remain younger and maintain its health and radiance.

Finest quality, efficacy and safety

Seresis provides the best and scientifically demonstrated anti-oxidative effect, offering all the best ingredients from nature. Swiss experts who have carefully developed Seresis so that it has an outstanding safety and tolerability level and consequently can be used over a long span of time. It is actually the latest products of Ginsana SA, a company based in Switzerland. Seresis is very affordable and available in capsules of 30s and 60s and singly in selected Mercury Drug and Watsons outlets all over the nation.


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