Vic Chou - New Perfect Two - Movie

It has been 'years' since I've watched a film with subtitles. Yes, that is right. After a long hiatus watching asian series or movies, I am glad I was able to get myself back on track.

I ordered 'New Perfect Two' DVD from our F4 friend which starred Vic Chou and Xiao Xio Bin. The flick is a story of a champion motorbike racer who had lost everything including his loved one. For the past six years, after abadonment, his wife introduced their child (such an adorable kid, Bin Bin) and finds a true inspiration from his son to recover; making every moment inseparable. This is such a very light story and I was really impressed how it touches our heart on each scenes.

Perfect Two " is co-produced by Bo He Li Film Company, Stellar (Beijing) Film Co., Anhui Television Station, Beijing Enlight Pictures Ltd, Kwan Yin Mu Film Production Co. Ltd. and Taiwan Wen Chuang Co. Ltd.
In the trailer and posters, Xiaoxiao Bin and Zai Zai have a lot of scenes together, from concealing their true identity as father and son, to the revelation of their identities and the final parting. Through the shooting of this film, Zai Zai who normally does not communicate well with kids was infected by Xiaoxiao Bin's adorable character, extending their on-screen good relationship to off-screen. Director Chu said that This father and son on-screen pairing will touched family audience of all ages, and will become one of the most unforgettable father-and-son roles". (Asian Fanatics)


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