Sustain Physical Vitality in a Natural Way

In a recent press release, a Boehringer Ingelheim Group company situated at Bioggio, Switzerland, Ginsana SA, together with Pacific Healthcare Philippines, Inc. being its exclusive distributor, they introduced a new natural energy provider which is made from the best standardized ginseng extract G115M to the Philippine market. The product is called Ginsana.


All day long vitality maintenance

Everybody is wishing for an endless source of energy to enjoy life at its best. However, such wish is something that seems to be far possible since energy is a resource that quickly drained by most. During fatigue and weakness, reduced vitality and high stress levels are experienced, Ginsana, being a natural energy provider that is made from ginseng extract, can help restore energy levels over time. Ginsana increases physical performance, lessens recovery time and boosts the immune system. It helps cellular optimization to produce energy that is mainly as a result of the increased uptake prompted by the ginseng extract.

Natural energy source

Ginsana is purposely created to create a reliable Swiss quality product that mixes nature and science and which has the standing of a clinically proven product that has all the benefits of natural ingredients. It contains pure and highly concentrated ginseng extract which has the major element that is required to restore energy levels.

Medicinal quality ginseng

There are different energy sources of ginseng but only Ginsana is the only one that is made of G115 Ginseng extract that is clinically known as a ginseng with pharmaceutical quality. Although ginseng’s active ingredients may differ from field to field and plant to plant, each Ginsana capsule contains an equal amount of active ingredients. Therefore, the same quality and efficacy is guaranteed in each and every capsule of Ginsana.

High quality, efficacy and safety

Ginsana came upon the very best natural healthcare knowledge enhanced via comprehensive scientific research made by Ginsana. Moreover, Ginsana does not lead to dependence or addiction. It has no doping effect, making it safe even for long term intake. The health supplement contains is sugar free, making it likewise safe for diabetics and suitable for those on hypocaloric diets.


Ginsana can be purchased at a very reasonable cost and can be available in capsules of 100S, 60s and solely in selected Mercury Dug store and Watsons outlets nationwide. This new product is available in more than 30 countries worldwide, representing the result of the most demanding scientific research, the experience developed over years of activity and the skills developed within one of the huge pharmaceutical companies in the world.

About the manufacturer

Ginsana SA operated in the high quality natural health sector which is comprised of pharmaceutical products and supplements made through the use of natural substances and extracts. Its mission is to research, develop and offer the quality natural pharmaceutical products supported by powerful scientific experience and clinical studies.


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