Gloc-9's new single, Sirena - a certified hit

Gloc-9 releases his new album, MKNM: Mga Kwento ng Makata that includes a collaboration with the biggest stars in the OPM recording history. During his presscon last August 17, he mentioned that is was not really hard to convince some of these artists because they are really approachable. In fact, the new album contains some of the various stories of different people he encountered.

Sirena, which hits the number 1 spot on MYX last time was Gloc-9's first time to make a song about a gay man, and in fact, it was presented in a first person's point of view. The music video also casts several successful gay man including Boy Abunda.

I also asked Gloc-9 about his show on that night because I believe his fans are waiting for him to sing some of the new songs and old songs in one night. There were also questions involved on how he wrote the songs, and he humbly said these were made possible through the help of some people working behind the album.

And, regarding the rap genre in the music industy; He mentioned that he never lose hope in encouraging all rappers in metro to share their talents to the mainstream.

From his album, my favorites are: Sirena, Hari ng Tondo, and Inday.

Here are the photos taken during the presscon. A big thank you to Universal Records.


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