My Unforgettable Katsudon Experience at Yabu

I am a big fan of Katsudon. One of the very popular food in Japan, Katsu means 'cutlet' and has many varities of cutlet dishes from 'Pork Katsu (don), Chicken Katsu (don) and Beef Katsu (don).

"Don" means a round bowl, so when you have read the menu and "Don" is always incorporated with the dish name, you can imagine that the meal is serve with the bowl. Rice bowl, to be exact!

Variation of Sauces
I was really surprised when we dine in at Katsu. Reading their menu gave us a lot of information about 'Katsudon,' like
introducing their own style of sauce. This is something new to us because we know Katsudon is always serve with soy sauce.

Our Target: Yabu - House of Katsu for Mega Food Sale last Friday, August 17.

Last week was the grandest food sale happened in SM Megamall. With over 100 food establishments, shoppers gather for another sale experience. There were different gimmicks and food features of different selection of food establishments. The ambiance that night was like a 'town fiesta' wherein foods were being offered at a very discounted prices.

Luckily, we landed at Yabu. That was our official target at that hour.

Meet the Katsu Master
I am browsing 'Yabu' website and I was honored to read about Chef Kazuya Takeda and his worked he did for Yabu as consultant.


We tasted their appetizers and it was really good! From Edamame (young green soybeans), Hiyayakko Tofu, Wakame (seaweed salad), and Superior Potato & Egg Salad

Usually served with unlimited Japanese rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing and a bowl of fruit.


Rosu (Pork Loin) or Hire (Pork Tenderloin) sets, price range from P315 to P405.

Katsu Curry Sets, one of the best-seller; Try their homemade curry from 'regular-hot-very hot'

Overall, it was superb. We enjoyed the very moment we had at Yabu. Plus, the staffs and management were very accommodating. I highly recommended this place to everyone. If you would like a one of a kind taste of Katsudon, visit Yabu: House of Katsu located at SM Megamall Atrium.

Official website:


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