to Shutdown Social Networking on December 2012

The first time I joined social networking site was during 'Friendster' days; from then I immediately quit several 'online groups' in Yahoo and MSN. Then, a hundred of social networking sites were born. These sites aim to be-like 'Friendster' wherein all you have to do is to invite friends, share stories, photos and create an online community with same interests.

Years after, was introduced in the  Philippines. We were so happy that time because we found a new venue to relate each other. Until then, the site converted into e-commerce site, welcoming several online entrepreneurs which gave them an instant opportunity to host their products - online.

Few days ago, we received an online pop up memo in announcing to shut down its social networking services. For the past eight years, Multiply has to retain its status as e-commerce serving consumers in Indonesia and the Philippines. We all know that there are things that a lot of businesses face immediate problems and with careful planning, a new solution that will help their consumers even though there will be immediate consequences and waiting for an effect on the business.


I salute for developing sense of awareness ahead of time and this will get us ready (waiting on how we can download and back up or files) for anything will happen. Maybe this is to cut down costs (whatever reasons), but indeed, not an easy method and no means guaranteed to achieve the best desired target audience in the near future.

Link to Multiply's announcement:

Read here for more info about failed social networks:


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