Step Up: Revolution - Dynamic and Cool

When I first heard that there is a fourth installment of Step Up, I was already thinking of its storyline. I know we will be entertained by casts' dance routines and cool new steps; If you are familiar with 'flash mobs' on your area (like we saw in Malls, parks, and streets), then definitely you can relate. The film has something to do with a group (called the Mob), who wanted to get the highest views in Youtube (around 10 million hits!) and wins the prize.

Set in Miami, Sean (portrayed by Ryan Guzman) leads the The Mob and met (falls in love, yeah right) Emily (Kathryn McCormick) who wishes to be part of a professional dancing team, but her father who owns the hotel/resort where Sean works and eventually her father would like to take over Sean's neighborhood's property.

The fourth installment has new approach to gather the audience's interest: music and dancing. There were few good moves I could remember and hit songs being played.

It is an enjoyable film, for teens (like us, ahem) we really love this kind of plot - girl meets boy, boy is protesting for something, girl made something different for herself, good dance numbers, hot moves and nice cinematography.

Step Up: Revolution is now showing at your favorite movie theaters. Thank you to Gateway Cineplex 10 for such an experience watching the movie.

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