A glimpse of Lee Min Ho

[caption id="attachment_6862" align="aligncenter" width="269"] Snapshot from the screen.[/caption]

Expect the unexpected. I wasn't able to attend the Fun Meet due to some personal reasons (budget & health wise, hehehe) until I read my Twitter timeline and saw tweets from my fan girl friends that they are going to meet at Glorietta.

It was really unplanned because I am just few steps away, attending "blogopolis" at Makati Shang rila (Lee Min Ho's hotel during his stay here in Manila). I was really clueless on his whereabouts, because I've been busy with so many other important things (WORK) and decided not to see him (that's new to me!).

I was reading all Tweets and monitoring every now and then until my phone's battery got empty. And I decided to take a 'glimpse' of Lee Min Ho at Glorietta. Am so happy to find out that my fan girl friends were also waiting for Lee Min Ho. Wow, when was the last time I saw them (?). It's been years since I gave up attending fanmeets when I left my previous job and focus more on attending events (for blogging coverage).

The venue was too crowded. The new activity center was too small or the mall management didn't anticipated the huge crowd. All floors were occupied by expectators. Fans lined up early, and other fans who didn't made on the list of meet and greet were gathered nearby.

I was standing near the exit because I didn't wanted to get squeezed by fans.

[caption id="attachment_6863" align="aligncenter" width="269"] Crowded.[/caption]

Lee Min Ho arrived too late (He had his first activity in SM City North Edsa - Skydome). And, he greeted his fans. Humbly said "Mahal Ko Kayo" and started distributing the posters (that was pre-signed). Lucky fans who got the passes for Meet and Greet fall in line, and finished as short as I expected. His last leg of promo tour was in Mall Of Asia.

Hmmm, that was really a great opportunity to see him - unexpectedly.

What the most important part is - I have meet (again) my fan girl friends. We had dinner, talked about our fan girling moments, and hoping to bump each other soon.

Lee Min Ho, see you next time :) (winks).

Note: Sorry, I have to blog this experience first (it's a personal choice, lol!). Goodnight.



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