BlueWater Day Spa's new massage treatment: Aroma Chakra Healing Body Massage

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This is something new and first in the Philippines. I was fortunate to witnessed Aroma Chakra Healing Body Massage and Indian Head Massage at BlueWater Day Spa in Greenhills. For our better understanding, the practice of Ayurveda (a traditional system of balancing seven Chakras or energy centers in the body which originated in India. From which, each Chakra can also affects our well being and once the Chakra is blocked, there will be imbalance and resulting to 'hindrances' of feeling good inside and out. This type of healing body massage can harmoznize our seven Chakra's of the body and resulting to a healthy lifestyle.

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Improve your Chakra healthy by understanding: The Seven Chakras


  • "The root" - The Base (the Muladhara) - As described to be the most important of all, because of it is situated at the base of the spine in the lumbar region.

  • "The Svadisthana, The Sacral - Located about 5cm below your belly button.

  • "The Manipura, The Solar Plexus - Located beneath your breastbone and behind your stomach.

  • "The Anahata, The Heart - Center of love and compassion, of course, situated in your heart

  • "The Visudda, The Throat - Located at the neck, your center of communication (speech, writing, and thought)

  • "The Ajna, The Third Eye - Your center of intuition and intellect

  • "The Sahasrara, The Crown - This is the center of your enlightenment and spirituality.

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Press Release

Aroma Chakra Healing Body Massage and Indian Head Massage

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BlueWater Day Spa has a new massage treatment called the Aroma Chakra Healing Body Massage and Indian Head Massage with the help of world-renowned trainor Ranjeet Kour, The new treatment is finally in the Philippines and hopes to address the country’s wellness industry. Chakra Massage is scanning the major seven Chakra’s of the body and then massaging the body and chakras by using the aroma synergy blend by using and laying of the seven crystals chakra stones. It’s a healing massage which helps to balance the major chakras of the body and synergy blend helps the mind to relax.

The Indian Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage is focused on tension area of head, neck and shoulder and is based on the first four chakras of the body to release physical and mental tension.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “WHEEL” There are hundreds of Chakra’s located on our body. But we focus on major seven chakra of the body. Chakra Healing has been practised since ancient times in Ayurveda and Yoga meditations. When our chakras are blocked then the energy cannot flow through the body which may cause blockages and in turn can cause diseases in the body.
If you notice the Chakra’s are located on the same area of our body which is the location for our 7 major endocrine glands of our body. In ancient times we did not know the endocrine glands but the healers were aware of these specific areas of the body that are so important to human body that blockages can cause certain conditions.

So Chakra Meditations Chakra healing therapies has been practised since ancient times in India and now is widely practised around the world.

The Body has many Chakras, but Chakra Healing Therapy is mainly concerned with the major seven chakras of the body. Each of these chakras are found next to the hormonal gland of our body. They push vital force energy (also called Chi, Qi and or Prana) through the body to ensure vitality.

Chakra massage is important for everyone to have as it will balance the chakras of the body, and energy called Prana can flow through easily around our body as in general will help the body to heal itself. We will sleep better, Can cope with stress and have positive feelings within the body. Experience Chakra massage only at BlueWater Dya Spa.

Blue Water Day Spa has 5 branches within Metro Manila: Ortigas- Greenhills, Makati, Capitol Hills, Eastwood City and Tomas Morato. And one in Cotabato City. Visit their website at



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