(Video) Red Carpet of 24/7 with Piolo & John Lloyd - Expect the unexpected part 2

After attending Meralco Maliwanag ang Pasko - Grand Lighting ceremony we rushed to Megamall because Tuesday is our Gym schedule. The taxi alight us near Megamall Building A entrance (near taxi stand) and there were people (expectators, ahem) outside.


Then, I realized it was 24/7 in Love's Premiere Night and me & my officemate decided to check out (usisera, wooot!). We were standing near the taxi bay when we rushed to the entrance door and I realized that there were 2 vans infront. We didn't knew who were the artists but I am confident that am going to see some of my favorite Kapamilya stars. Sam Milby & Pokwang, Maja & Diether, Daniel & Katryn...then, I was thinking who are the other artists??? then, hmmm, we decided to rushed back to our original place (near taxi bay). I spotted Bea & Zanjoe, then...I didn't pay much attention to Kimerald because John Lloyd & Piolo are in the same van (hahaha).

I didn't have the chance to call John Lloyd. but...



I shouted 'Piolo's name' and he nodded. I fainted, lol. He even turn around to shake hands. I raised my left hand, waiting...my officemate took this shot before Piolo held my hand, lol.

Okay, I said. Let's go upstairs and do our own thing (exercise, hahaha)...
Hay, saya. Expected the unexpected part 2 :) wagas.

Off to DREAMLAND. Goodnight.


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