Three Stooges Movie - Full of boinks, slaps and pokes

Larry, Curly and Moe started their misadventure in order to save their childhood home (which is the orphanage) which run by nuns. And, these three tried to get some money in the city only to find out their differences which led Moe into stardom because he was discovered and cast in a reality TV show "Jersey Shore."

The film has able to resurrect the 'slapstick' comedy that we missed years ago. The classic Three Stooges was also full of smacking noise and hitting objects which will led into comedic acts (disclaimer: the film has do not try this at home segment which demonstrates that the things they used in the scenes were not harmful).

There were funny scenes in the film, somehow, if you are a big fan of Three Stooges (like me) then, you are going to remember each dialogues...We laughed harder on the 'Do Not (Donut) Remove' scene and When Moe ask what is that gadget when Teddy said it was an iPhone, he mistakenly brings the iPhone to his eye and said 'Hello, there's nobody there' and Teddy said ... Works better on your ear.
If you have seen Hangover and Jackass, then, you should always check this gag film and find some of the similarities. What was great in this film is that though the actors have great similarities to the real ones, thus, they have executed some scenes like the timing when hitting each other and the lines they're delivering. Plus, the sound effects are perfect.

If you are stooges fan, then, you'll be laughing on each scenes.
What's on my mind tonight: Remember the 'Poke' feature in Facebook? Maybe it was invented Just for Fun :)

Thanks to my friend, Sef of for tagging me along to watch this film.

We were very fortunate to try this Lazy Boy seat at SM Megamall!



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