Google PageRank Update: It's more of the value NOT the numbers

I was checking other SEO news sites regarding the latest update of Google PageRank (that green toolbar on your browser that ranks 1-10). So, why people are keep on debating if its still valuable or not?

My blog has been infected by Malware few months ago. That took me a lot of time to re-organize and re-structure from my blog's contents, links and even my old uploaded images were gone :( Redirecting some old links gave me headaches until I gave up and decided to switch off temporarily my Archives folder (that's the main reason why you didn't see any Archives section on this blog and forced my site not to load it). Judging from what happened, I am  "AWARE" that my site will drop its rankings and still thankful that I can still blog (and thanks to some sponsors who are very supportive!). I don't have much time to fix my old posts and planning to work on it during weekends but rarely got a chance :(

The frustration and everything was there.


I am still HAPPY that I can share some posts and stories. I made short posts in between, something that I would love to share any valuable information I found online. Since my blog is not a 'commercial magazine type'  (it's a personal blog!); I should not worry about the impact of the recent update of Google PageRank...WHY?

  • I am sure that my site has still ranking ability (Think positive).

  • I am still getting good links from my neighbors

  • I feel blessed to some people who share, like and +1 some topics I've shared to Social Media (valuing them even in small numbers)

  • I still have good traffic. That means people also do drop by on my site upon searching for particular terms

What matters most is how we value our data and understand why people keep on coming back to our site.

Still confuse on what is Google PageRank? Feel free to leave a message on my comment box and I'm happy to discuss it with you. Don't worry FREE OF CHARGE. LOL.

Have a great weekend!




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