Astroplus Blog Connect 2012 - Entertainment All in One

Looking for a one stop shop for your all entertainment needs? Astroplus has the best and latest entertainment goodies from music, movies or even gadgets! With the massive change in technology, Astroplus has able to survive and enter in Social Media like Facebook to promote their upcoming events, new releases and pre-order announcement.

Last Saturday, the second's blogger gathering was held in Podium Mall in Ortigas. Entitled, "Blog Connect" wherein bloggers were able to interact with different entertainment brands like selected music labels, movie license agencies and gadget brands. Through wider social trends, everyone has able to get glimpse of each presentation and were able to share the first hand updates through different social media platforms in Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #astroplusblogconnect2012


Astroplus is one of my favorite hangout especially when checking out the latest records releases and buying DVD Original Movies / Series for my collection. Looking for stacked items and piles of records has its own worth especially if you find something that connects you the most. It can be your favorite movie or your favorite music artist.

What I like most in this store was when you ask their assistance and inquire for for reservation - The staffs were very accommodating! I remembered the last time I asked for stocks of series DVDs and they assisted me in finding those episodes (Meteor Garden, ehem!-flashback!).

[caption id="attachment_6640" align="aligncenter" width="288"] Another Boy Band Collection - ONE DIRECTION[/caption]

I am going to feature artists from different music labels and DVD movie releases on my next blog posts.
So be sure to check this blog again for upcoming news in the entertainment, records and movies.

Get juicy updates on your favorite music artists, movie releases and new gadgets releases by browsing Astroplus Facebook Page at


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