Moments of Connection - Starbucks Philippines 2013 Planner Theme

Here is the much awaited for those who loves collecting Starbucks Planner. Celebrating its 10th edition, This year's theme is "Moments of Connection." Every pieces of information we write is simply a genuine connection over coffee - I must say, a simple act we do to uplift someone's day.

The Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines 2013 Planner will be available in three leather covers (white, green and black)

[caption id="attachment_6680" align="aligncenter" width="384"] Starbucks Philippines Christmas Tradition Returns with the 10th Edition of the Starbucks Planner[/caption]

What I like most in this planner is it comes with a magnetic bookmark, and has kindness cards with Starbucks treats that can be shared with anyone. You can redeem special promos at any Starbucks store in the Philippines in 2013.

How to avail this a must have planner?
1. Avail of a Starbucks Christmas traditions planner promo card from November 3 to January 8, 2013
2. One sticker is awarded for each Starbucks beverage purchase. Holder must accumulate a total of seventeen (17) stickers (nine (9) Christmas beverage plus eight (8) core beverages except bottled drinks) to redeem one (1) Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines 2013 Planner.
3. With every redeemed Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines 2013 Planner comes a donation for the children of SparkHope – an early childhood care and development program in partnership with UNICEF.


[caption id="attachment_6681" align="aligncenter" width="384"] Unboxing soon![/caption]

Hurry, let's rekindle the joy with the Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines 2013 Planner!

source: Starbucks Philippines


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