ALCATEL introduces the OneTouch Net with services by Yahoo!

ALCATEL introduces the OneTouch Net with services by Yahoo!

November 23, 2010 – ALCATEL Mobile Phones today announced the release of the new ALCATEL OneTouch Net mobile phone with services powered by Yahoo!. This amazing handset was developed for consumers who want to stay connected to Yahoo!’s popular internet services through their mobile phones. A suite of Yahoo!’s leading products are pre-loaded and directly integrated into the interface, allowing consumers to stay connected to the people and things that matter most to them with just a click of a button.

With its ergonomic QWERTY keyboard and the special optical trackpad, the ALCATEL OneTouch Net phone was designed for easy navigation, communication, and access to the following popular Yahoo! services:

  • Yahoo! Mail - Read, reply, compose and send mail – with push alerts for incoming mail. You can also view attachments; get to your personal mail folders; and organize messages by customizable groups.
  • Yahoo! Messenger - Message your friends reliably in real time. You also have the power to view their availability and quickly see their status messages, update your own status, and show your style with emoticons, avatars, or photos.
  • Yahoo! Contacts and Calendar - Look up, sync, add contact information and update your calendar.
  • Yahoo! Homepage – Enjoy one-button access to Yahoo!’s mobile homepage, the world's most advanced. Bring together your favorite content and services from anywhere across the Internet to the gorgeous 2.4 inch display.
  • Yahoo! News – Get up-to-date headlines from Yahoo! on the home screen.
  • Yahoo! Search with Voice - You can search for anything, including locations, news, Web site names, and more by simply speaking. Yahoo! Search with Voice lets consumers perform "wide open" searches - returning relevant results for practically every kind of inquiry.
  • Yahoo! Social Pulse – Provides a dynamic overview of what friends are up to, including recent photos, their status, profile updates, and recommendations across multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter all at once.
  • Flickr – Take pics with the remarkably capable 2MP camera then share them on the world’ top photo-sharing site, all from your phone! You can also browse other people’s photos and videos and even geo-tag photos.

The ALCATEL OneTouch Net phone is a powerful mobile device that also packs 80MB of memory, (expandable to 8GB via a micro SDcard), an MP3 player, FM radio and stereo Bluetooth 2.0 technology.

ALCATEL is very thrilled with the release of the OneTouch Net. With this, we aim to provide the best Yahoo! mobile user experience in a handset at an affordable price.” said Darren Sy, General Manager for ClearSight, Philippine distributor of ALCATEL Mobile Phones, “We believe that easy access to Yahoo!’s incredibly popular Internet services will make the Alcatel OneTouch Net a must-have for Filipinos who are in the market for a unique and powerful mobile phone.”

The ALCATEL One Touch Net was launched through a week long mall event at SM Megamall last November 18 to 24. The event featured interactive games and displays that allowed thousands of mall goers to directly experience the Yahoo! Services integrated in the OneTouch Net. From the overwhelmingly positive response garnered in the event, the Alcatel OneTouch Net is sure to become a hit in the Philippines.

The One Touch Net is now available in stores at a promotional price this Christmas season of just Php 4,999. Aside from the ALCATEL OneTouch Net with services powered by Yahoo!, ALCATEL will also be launching five other handsets in two different categories, the OneTouch GROOVE series for music lovers and the OneTouch TRIBE series for phone users who need quick texting with a full QWERTY keyboard.


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