Complex Lifestyle Store

Creativity has a breeding ground, where it consistently evolves to become a big influence in contemporary living.

New York, Milan and Tokyo are some of the most popular places in fashion, business and arts and culture, known as hallowed grounds for good taste, sophistication and highly trendy urban living. Their signature streets and walkways have become ramps of perfection, shaping the world’s prevailing trends and culture.

All of this is embodied in the new Complex store at the Eastwood Mall that vows to provide good, reliable sense to the modern Filipino’s fashion and lifestyle needs.

As the new mecca for street culture, the Complex store hosts a wide array of footwear brands, along with nifty accessories and apparel that complete and amplify a unique experience. It sets to redefine the boundaries of streetwear to deliver progressive solutions demanded by today’s modern lifestyle.

Complex collaborated with Everywhere We Shoot for their established style of playing with irony, subtlety, humor and glamour. The design duo have taken their unique approach on photography, fashion, and graphic design; and translated it into the store’s character.
Among the labels that Complex carries are Creative Recreation, Ecko Unltd., Zoo York and Dean and Trent. These cover the range from trendy to classic, stylish designs that complement the lifestyles of today's urban jungle.

Complex is also set to be a sought after stop for offbeat Energie and Pony sneakers and swanky timepieces and accessories from Marc Ecko, Rayban, Nooka, and G-Shock. The store also stocks interesting pieces that can add more flair to the urban lifestyle, like recycled vinyl-bookends, and sun jar lamps that charge in the sun and light up at night. These are but tiny touches that complete the personality and mood of the store, reflecting the creative vibe of today’s modern individual.

Street fashion‘s highest expectations are realized in a store like­­­­ Complex, serving top brands in apparel and footwear and everything else in between.

At Complex our aim is to curate the best merchandise and ideas from a wide array of brands from footwear and apparel to accessories and integrate them into a single unique experience.

We believe in redefining the boundaries of popular fashion and culture to deliver progressive solutions demanded by today's modern lifestyle.

We stock:
Creative Recreation
Ecko Unltd.
Zoo York
Dean & Trent
Ray Ban

Store Listing

Eastwood Mall
E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue
Quezon City
(632) 709 2183

Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu Business Park
Cebu City, Cebu


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