Introducing the Alcatel OneTouch TRIBE OMNI OT-980 Smartphone, featuring the Android 2.1 Éclair Operating System.

Continuing the quest to make our communication devices accessible to the mass market, the Alcatel OneTouch TRIBE OMNI OT-980 is the bold new choice among Android 3G/3G+ smartphones! Ultra-stylish and dynamic, the Alcatel OneTouch TRIBE OMNI OT-980 is set to bring the hugely popular Android 2.1 Éclair operating system to a wider range of consumers. Combining advanced technologies with a sleek design, there is no doubt that this mobile phone will be appealing to modern city-dwellers.

Personalising your mobile by choosing your favourite applications offers a totally new experience!

Enjoy the flexibility of a mobile internet experience. The dual function technology enables the user to use either the handset’s touch screen functionality or the full QWERTY keypad. The 2.8” touch screen has a virtual QWERTY keyboard with touch and slide access to everything on the menu, or by sliding the phone to access the built in QWERTY keypad, making networking that much quicker and easier on this tablet slider. Metallic grey or black soft touch, everyone can choose their colour with the Alcatel OneTouch TRIBE OMNI OT-980.

The Android environment combines fun with convenience! A simple click gives the user access to a range of services such as those available from the Google universe - Gmail, Google Talk and even YouTube - very practical if you are already a user! Android is also scalable with applications available from Android Market, where more than 3,000 applications are added every month. To enable you to benefit from this fully-fledged technology instantly, more than twenty applications are already preloaded on the Alcatel OneTouch TRIBE OMNI OT-980, each one of them more fun than the next: Sweet dreams, Layar, Picsay, OI Shopping list, Astrid, and even Shazam!

The Alcatel OneTouch TRIBE OMNI OT-980 is the dream phone for those who like to personalise their mobile, stay connected with their community and who can’t go anywhere without the Internet. With central access to mailboxes, instant messaging and social networks, as well as all the mobile applications available on the web, it is now the must-have accessory for every time you go out.

The strengths of the Alcatel OneTouch TRIBE OMNI OT-980 are also in its features, such as compatibility with 2G / 3G / Wi-Fi mobile networks, GPS navigation, 2 MP digital camera with sensor ensuring superior image quality, media player with 3.5 mm audio jack, an electronic compass so that you always know where you are, internal memory extendable up to 16GB, micro USB port and long-life battery with 6h talk time in 3G!

The Alcatel OneTouch TRIBE OMNI OT-980 is available this Christmas season at an introductory price of just Php9,999.


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