Pursuits, Passion, and Philanthropy in new SunPIOLOgy

EDUCATION and the environment take center stage in SunPIOLOgy 2011: The Pursuits Journal which was officially launched on November 25 in Eastwood Mall and Fully Booked at Fort Bonifaco High Street. Now on its second year, SunPIOLOgy is a collaboration between Sun Life Financial Philippines and Hebreo 12:1 Foundation.


Featuring nature-inspired photographs taken by actor Piolo Pascual, The Pursuits Journal will benefit the scholars of Hebreo Foundation. Set up by the Pascual family, it supports the education of underprivileged but deserving students.


In pursuit of portraits

SunPIOLOgy 2011 showcases Pascual’s unique eye for detail and depth in pictures taken during his many travels. From the high peaks of Mt. Pulag to the breathtaking depths of Palawan, he captured nature in its solemn and reflective designs. Marvel at the full circle rainbow in historic Siem Reap in Cambodia, or water buffalos as they cross a plain full of ash in Zambales.

Divided into four themes – air, fire, earth, and water – the Pursuits Journal sets a colorful tone for the new year. In between its pages, one can learn about environmental conservation through eco-friendly tips and advice. Delight in the wealth of photos included in today’s hot new planner, and take comfort in the fact that you are also helping to ensure a bright future for Hebreo beneficiaries.

“To be able to share my blessings through my passion for photography makes SunPIOLOgy very dear to my heart. For this year, we carry the cause of education and ecology in a beautiful and useful journal,” shared Pascual.

Be a green advocate
Come 2011, Sun Life Financial-Philippines will move to its new home called the Sun Life Centre. As the first green commercial building in the country, it is certified by the U.S. Green Building Council on the basis of energy efficiency and use of sustainable materials.

Sun Life has long been an advocate of the environment and sustainability. Through the Pursuits Journal, Sun Life continues its crusade to inspire Filipinos to be green advocates. The company recognizes the importance of preserving the environment in line with its consistent emphasis in ensuring the future of Filipinos. “Sun Life invites everyone to adopt a green lifestyle, where sustainability is practiced on a regular basis,” enthuses Sun Life President and Chief Executive Officer Riza Mantaring.

Sustainable partnership
Aside from SunPIOLOgy, Sun Life and Pascual also worked on several other projects. In fact, the actor is the latest endorser of It’s Time!– the first financial literacy advocacy in the Philippines. Also a talented singer, Pascual serenaded Sun Life clients and agents in a sold-out concert held last October.

Helping Sun Life and Pascual in this endeavor are the SunPIOLOgy 2011 sponsors, namely: ABS-CBN CCPMG 360, DMC, Eastwood Mall, The Enterprise Center, Filipinas Heritage Library, Fully Booked, Outcomm, and The Philippine Star.

The public is also invited to visit the SunPIOLOgy 2011 benefit exhibit to be held on the following venues: 4/F Eastwood Mall (Nov 26 to Dec 10); Fully Booked High Street at the Fort (Nov 26 to Nov 30); Filipinas Heritage Library in Ayala(Dec 6 to Jan 7); and the Art Hall of The Enterprise Center (Dec 12 to Jan 12).

You can also own a piece of Piolo’s photography through an online bidding. Simply log in and register at www.sunpiology.com. Autographed and framed photos found in the journal will be rewarded to the highest bidder until the midnight of January 11, in time for Pascual


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