The Grand KPOP Garage Sale

Here are the photos of  November 6's  Grand Kpop Garage Sale organized by The Philippines Kpop Committee and Eastwood Citywalk 2.

Booths were very busy selling their pre-loved Kpop and specially made Kpop merchandises from pins, posters, shirts, bags and even umbrellas.

There were activities held on the center tent, different kpop fan groups geared up and performed. Too bad, there was no platform - I can't even see them and crowds were ungenerous to stepped back. I am afraid to be squeezed, so I decided to took crowd shots instead hehe.

But the hardest thing that time was when it rained. Since it was an open venue, I guess they will temporarily stop for a while and resumed when the rain was gone :)

Its been a good opportunity for the fans to meet the other groups as well and make friends to share their common kpop passion.

cute Siwon Shirt

That was last year when I saw SS501 in Hong Kong :)

Should I buy one for Suju concert next year? lalalala.

I don't have much photos because after me and my friend ate at Stackers for our merienda then afterwards I rushed to Megamall for the Christmas Launch :)

I think there will be a major event for this year. Just check their site or add Philippine Kpop Convention


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