Busy Monday = Jerry Yan + BSB

I had a great weekend adventure despite of last minute cancellations.
So, I have to detour and organized my schedule in less than 24 hours.
Wait for my blog post :)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="403"] Filming new series :P[/caption]

Monday is our favorite day of the week (roll eyes), what made me happy?

I browsed and surprised when I saw Jerry Yan's new hairdo (short hair, FTW!). Now, am thinking how did the producer/director convinced him? It was such a full transformation, he looked younger with his new hairstyle (no more flipping hair?) :) winks.

And, my favorite boyband of all time - The Backstreet boys' own version of Harlem Shake.
I'm excited to go home because I wanted to view this clip from Youtube.
Mega laughtrip to the max..hay, back to work LOL


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