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Dr Kong Store

Dr Kong Store

Buying good quality shoes is important specially if you are an active person. I normally have different (sets) pairs of shoes appropriate for several activities like work shoes, casual sandals, and rubber shoes. Usually, the first thing we consider in buying shoes is the comfortability and durability. But we almost forgot to consider if these commercial shoes are ideal for us.

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Other says that some shoes (if not worn properly) is one primary cause of having deformities / you will experience severe pain or swelling.

Flat Foot, yes?
I've had flat foot since birth, and I also experienced severe pain when walking (for longer hours). Even I don't even run because I usually got tripped because of my condition. There is no real cure for flat feet but there are few recommendations to lessen its pain.

Dr Kong Store

My Free Foot Assessment courtesy of Dr Kong
Thinking of what kind of shoes should you wear or if you have experienced severe pain while wearing your favorite pair of sneakers? Then, you should drop by at any branches of Dr Kong (Hong Kong's leading brand of healthy shoes). And, ask for a FREE FOOT ASSESSMENT.

Dr Kong Store

Dr Kong Store



Through this test, you will know your foot arch type, and what are those problems you have. Footcare assistants are very accommodating and will give you more tips on taking care of your feet.

1. Scan your feet to measure the level of rearfoot valgus
2. Foot care assistants will educate you on which healthy shoes or insoles is highly recommended for your feet
3. They will give you basic exercise recommendation

The Founder:
Paul Kong & Raymond K.Y. Ng

•Certified Prothestist and Orthotist
•Registered British Association of P&O
•Fellow BIST, fellow BIDST, Fellow HKSCPO
W.R.I Wellness Retail Innovations Inc.
•Vice Director of China Rehabilitation Devices Association (Foot
•Honorary Professor of Center of Sport Medicine at
•Professor/Lecturer of Prosthetic &Orthotic at Sun
With 40 branches in Hong Kong and 17 shops in China, Dr Kong Healthy Shoes shop are the first to provide innovative 'check and fit' foot examination and insole fitting service.

Dr Kong Store

Educate the public and remind them the importance of foot and spine care, bringing foot care to each and every household

Branches in the Philippines

  • Robinsons Galleria

  • Robinsons Magnolia

  • Dr Kong - Sekai Center Showroom (Greenhills, San Juan)

"We Don't sell shoes. We recommend the suitable foot ware for your foot condition and proper exercise."

Facebook Page:

Shoe prices ranging from Php2,000-above (a little expensive, but who cares as long as it has health benefits)

Also available: Shoes from all ages and foot care products. Also they sell backpacks

Dr Kong Store

Dr Kong Store



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