My Post-Birthday Celebration ended here at Binondo



My Iced Cold Coffee Jelly

Featured as one of the World's Best Chinatown and famous on its 'purple' trademark in Ongpin, my last post birthday celebration aka food trip ended here in Binondo. Considered as one of my most favorite weekend destination, I enjoyed walking around Ongpin Street maybe because of its delicious and authentic Chinese delicacies (hopia for Eng Bee Tin, for the win!). I tag along a friend to be my food trip companion and we decided to take our lunch at Cafe Mezzanine, the Volunteer Fireman's coffee shop located at the 2nd level of Eng Bee Tin shop.

We ordered Kiampong, Spring rolls, lechon kawali and radish cake (my ultimate favorite). My friend and I haven't seen each other for almost a month and we updated ourselves with the latest news happening around us (in short: chismisan).

The funny thing was, I was wearing purple on that day thinking that I seriously connected with the cafe's theme.

Image00011Kiampong :)

Image00014Sprill Rolls

Image00015forgot, pork noodles ba ito?

Image00019radish cake :)

Image00020lechon kawali, yummm...

Image00018my friend said, you really love purple :) but i hate Barney LOL

My Ongpin trip is not complete without touring Shopper's Mart, Mandarin Supermarket and San Lorenzo Ruiz Church :)

It's almost the end of March, and April is fast approaching. Cheers for this month, some things were unplanned and I was really surprised on how I was able to organized it. From a simple yet memorable gathering in a hostel, to a memorable videoke session + friend's marriage proposal on the side, and a food trip that I always love to do during weekends (it's my cheat weekend!).

Thanks everyone :) I love you all.

Time to burn all those fats this summer :)


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