Choosing Stainless Steel Jewelry as your Fashion Accessories

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To make an interesting look and fabulous and add charm to your personality, you have to find the right pieces. Fashion accessories can be boring if you didn't blend it well with your clothes. From choosing the classic designs to patterns, these styles can be too generic. Why not start adding pieces that you'll surely love like stainless steel jewelry which becomes more popular because it create new trends.

If you are interested in building your collection of accessories, consider stainless steel jewelry just like collecting gold and silver, these are made with highest grade stainless steel building good reputation as fashion accessories.

Sidney Ang points to 4 major advantages of EMO’s stainless steel jewelry.
1. VERSATILITY -- “it can be used in casual or formal events and even the trained eye will have to take a second

2. STRENGTH. Stainless steel outperforms either gold or silver. It was created to be a naturally hardy alloy which
means it can handle a lot of wear and tear. This means that in the course of constantly wearing jewelry like rings,
bracelets and watch straps, stainless steel will last longer than its gold or silver counterparts

3. DURABILITY. While gold and silver are both stunning materials these also stain very easily. The maintenance alone
for these precious metals is a big disadvantage as they smudge or stain easily. Moreover the malleability of gold or
silver makes it prone to breakage. “The high grade stainless steel that goes into EMO Steel + Style does not require
meticulous care.”

But the most unique characteristic of EMO Steel + Style is DESIGN & QUALITY DNA.

“We design and craft our pieces setting trends rather than following it.” Sidney proudly emphasizes. “Our pieces are
crafted from our own designs by a team of using the same technology used in making alloy engine blocks,” says Sidney
who is well-known for his car tuning skills. “My involvement in the metallurgy of cars gives me a clear picture of
what quality craftsmanship is, and I make sure the same quality is found in my pieces.”

To experience this design and quality DNA of EMO Steel + Style, check out or visit any one of their 9 boutiques and kiosks in Cash & Carry, Festival Mall, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall Kiosk, SM Fairview Kiosk, SM Mall of Asia, SM Pasig Hypermart and SM Fairview Boutique.


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