My Birthday Celebration - Part 1


I just turned 34 last week (March 14) and I spent the entire weekend with people who are close to my heart. It's an all girls party and we really loved hanging out together. I reserved a room at I-Suites in Quezon City (that's near Araneta coliseum & Gateway), a good venue to those who has a busy schedule like us. We meet at the evening and brought our goodies, foods and gifts.


We ordered our dinner at Tatami Restaurant (run by I-Suites management) and we were overwhelmed with its big servings (busog!). My birthday was not complete without a 'cake' ... That's right, I'm still Ms Daomisyel and this name will be treasured forever LOL.


The next day, my girlfriends came in and we had breakfast at Tatami. We ordered Daing na bangus, Sausage and Tocino. We had so much fun talking about several things in life (career, personal, daily rants, etc) and we're planning to have a sleep over soon :) can't wait!

To all who greeted me on that day, Thank you so much. Oh wait, there's more...This is just an installment of my celebration, so watch out for my another post :) Have a great night!



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