Why some are not interested to feature your brands?

Are you a blogger that has several offers from different brand names and confused which one to feature first on your blog? Or a brand manager who ended up selecting a wrong niche of people?

Let's say that this Brand A offers something really worth-posting, but no matter how interesting your brand is, if you lack the motivation then it will not lead to a good conversion. How these people motivate themselves? Aside from monetary (ahem, yes there are pro bloggers that are good in this craft and earning a lot!) there are other ways to motivate them like goods, opportunities and partnership.

People don't go to their blogs to buy something. Yes, that's right. They have just wanted to look for your opinion and influence them how good your products or services. Mostly, they are also looking for possible connection to get inspired with your posts.

What your readers want? Since some brands are using the Internet to reach out to their consumers. It is better if they pitch qualified people who will not just align their contents with your links but to give accurate message to their readers.

Your brand, your message. Not just because you have reach your quota of total number of people who liked your page or retweeted your post, what consumers really wanted is something that they will find useful. Others have misinterpret the details but make sure that your brand has a consistent message to represent your company. How to measure your success in each campaigns? Go back to the main course - develop a marketing plan.

Hay, just keep on blogging anyways :)


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