My Birthday Celebration - Part 2 (Mission Accomplished!)


As promised, here is the second installment of my celebration. My original plan was to book the voucher I've bought from Ensogo but I wasn't able to reserve it right away so I searched for another Karaoke place in Ortigas (Music Match). Me and my friends love to sing (though am out of tune, lol!) ... And, also we have a special mission on that night.


I lived in Pasig so Ortigas or Quezon City are the two most convenient places for gimiks and hang outs. I immediately reserved a room few weeks before my birthday celebration. Good thing that Music Match accommodated us and gave us a good room :)



What was our special mission? One of my friend is proposing to his girlfriend. Kilig much! I have uploaded the video on my Facebook Wall and some of my friends were touched by his gestures. It's just a raw video and we have to edit some of it for his wedding presentation.


Anyways, we had a great time and spent the rest of the hours at Starbucks. Talked about future plans (vacations) and sharing some thoughts about career, life and everything. I wish to do this every month, spend some time relaxing.

Hay, so our next adventure is the wedding ceremony. We're busy helping our friend :)



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