Aromatic Animal Hand Massager

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This is so cute! I'm cleaning up some of my things here at home when I found a bag of gifts that I've received last year. Sigh, I need extra day to sort all of these stuffs. And I found my Aromatic Animal Hand Massager :)

I'm currently reading the brochure and am excited to use it.

Creatively designed from Thai natural cotton, wooden knobs and a calming blend of essential oils. With knobs that gently stimulate pressure points to relax your hands muscle and a touch of aroma that eases your mind from stress and tension. This also comes in different animal shape designs.

Help in rapid healing of wounds
Relieve pain and muscle spasms
Loosening of stiffness on joints
Help reduce inflammation and congestion in tissues

Sounds exciting. I'm going to use it now!


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