SOPA: Internet Giants proposed a blackout as protest for public awareness

What will happen if Internet giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Wikipedia announce a "blackout" of their services (I've read that Wikipedia is serious on a temporary shut down, I'm still reading and researching on the implications of this event). SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill supported and endorsed by powerful players composing of music and entertainment industry. If you're thinking if you and your country is affected by this issue - the answer is YES.

We all know that the giant internet companies were from US. For example, you link something that has a copyright material without any notice or consent, your domain will be seized and search engines like Google will likely to de-index your site. Payment gateways such as Paypal will be taken away from you and that means you're not generating any income.

Let's say if the website is outside US, you're instantly become a suspect. You are responsible for any use generated content you'll produce on your site and will impose legal actions due to stealing copyright materials.

Meanwhile, there is an alternative solution proposed by Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Darrell Issa - OPEN, The Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Tradel bill.


Here are the references that you can read to be enlighten with the topic:;siu-container;siu-container;siu-container

Disclaimer: Since this is a proposed bill, I am still in the process of gathering the resources and summarizing the details. If happen there were errors on my context (above), please leave your comments below. I'm not an expert. So, expect glitches on the information I've gathered at this moment. Thank you.


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