Hello Kitty - Interactive Cookbook for iPad, PC, Mac and Android

OMG This is really cute. I'm still watching the demo video and am excited to download the app!

The Hello Kitty's Interactive Cookbook is a digital cookbook that features Hello Kitty's favorite dessert recipes. The cookbook narrates the ingredients and the instructions for the preparation of the recipe out loud, in sync with the text, while offering rich multimedia in the form of animation, demonstration videos of the actual preparation and other great tools, in order to help the user cook better.
Among the product's many features, you may:

- Bookmark your favorite recipes
- Share them on Facebook, Twitter or just via email
- Convert measurements and serving quantities using a unit converter
- Shake the iPad for a random recipe
- Enjoy a pleasant cooking music
- Email the shopping list to yourself
- Record audio notes on your recipes
And that is not all! The product is both entertaining and useful, as it offers 20 preparation videos of all the dessert recipes and allows parents to spend quality time with their children in the kitchen, while using these useful preparation videos for guidance.



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